Our art

Quintessentially earthly, we work with brass – a beautiful and highly
malleable metal that is capable of producing some of the most ergonomic
designs, to suit just about any body type. Our finding are all brass they are
only lacquered to preserve the look and feel of raw brass, that give an
industrial feel to our merchandise.

We also do some rhodium plated earring and rings.Our neckpieces are
usually dramatic and inspired from jewellery that you can adorn. They are as
important as the clothes you wear, and make your look. Our earrings,
bracelets and cuffs are very geometric, edgy and obviously very gold!

The designer

Based out of New Delhi, India, the designer – Mallika Singh, is an alumni of
the illustrious Istituto Europeo di Design school in Milan. Soon after graduated
top of her class in 2007, she began lending her own distinct style of design to
a number of famous fashion brands and houses; including working with a
Swedish artist and colleague Julia Andersson and iconic Indian couturier,
Gaurav Gupta."Jewellery was an obsession that I pursued to find Malleka, and
the drama within each piece - well, that’s just how I like to live my life."
Mallika Singh