Product handling guidelines

What is the best way to store your products?
The most important precaution to take whilst stocking or displaying our product is to avoid moisture at all costs. After store closing remember to place our pieces under plastic or some sort of covering.

Do the metals react to any materials/objects?
As a general precautionary, anyone who is hyper allergic to metallic substances should refrain. The material is brass that has been lacquered and coated. We even ensure a layer of faux leather under each piece to minimize contact with skin. Please be careful while wearing sharp jewellery pieces as we do not take responsibility for any harm/damages caused due to the jewellery.

Any specific instructions to maintain the sheen and the longevity of the products?
Avoid moisture. Don't spray perfume directly on the piece. Keep it in the box or pouch if you are not wearing the piece.

Will you be able to repair damaged/broken/faded pieces? If yes, then how many days?
Malleka studio offers a 3 months damage and repair service. Any problem faced by a costumer, within 3 months of purchase and provided the piece has been cared for as per instructions mentioned on the jewellery care tag, can be reported along with the bill please.Also after many years you’d like to wear your Malleka piece and you would like to polish it, we do it happily at a small maintenance cost.